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Posted By Chris Smith Posted on 28 Mar 2006, 06:02 AM
I've decided to do something a little more constructive than random tutorials.

I've been looking for a forum to put on the site to make it a bit more interactive, but haven't been able to find anything suitable.

Either they are mysql-only or security-issue prone.

Fud-forum works with postgresql but doesn't take advantage of a lot of postgresql features (like subqueries) because it has to work in mysql and postgresql - so it does a ton of queries with every page.

So, what features am I looking for?

On the tech side:

- postgresql support
- clean, fast
- nice interface
- limited sql queries
- possibly caching.

On the design/interface side:
- clean
- template based
- fast

If you have any suggestions on where to start looking for such a forum, or have any feature suggestions send 'em through!

Might see if I can set up a cvs or subversion server and get others to help me out ;) Let me know if you're interested.

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